Tradies, anglers, hunters, farmers and rural residents—we can make your life easier with custom car, ute and quad modifications.


We can custom make fuel and water tanks, bull bars, carry racks, toolboxes, dog cages, checker plate and custom ute trays.

Check out this video of our custom rooftop tinny loader—possibly the only one of its kind in Australia.

We installed wheels on our client’s boat and a winch and ramps on his ute. It used to take him two hours to unload the tinny and attach the motor.

It now takes him just 15 minutes, with zero heavy lifting because the motor stays where it is.


Whether your quad is for work or pleasure, Mick’s Ally Fab can modify it to serve you better.

We can custom make racks for eskies and gear, dog cages, roll bars, fuel and water tanks, spray units and extra seating.

If your car, ute or quad could do with an upgrade, contact us for a free quote.

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